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    Thinking of building a home in Gainesville? Or curious about your options for new construction in Gainesville? Whether you’re wanting to custom design your dream home or looking at the option of buying a new spec home, the Thomas Group has the resources to assist.


    Innovative Home Builders of North Florida, Inc.

    Travis Williams, the owner of Innovative Home Builders of North Florida Inc., has over ten years of experience in the construction industry and has owned Innovative Home Builders for the past six years. He began his experience when he was a teenager as a laborer for a local construction company. It wasn’t long before Travis realized that he was passionate about building and dreamed of one day becoming a building contractor.

    After finishing school, Travis decided to start his own subcontracting company, North Florida Framers. In three years, he framed over 100 houses, and he was excited and eager to begin the next step of his journey to become a builder. With the framing subcontractor experience under his belt, Travis was ready to begin studying to become a contractor. After achieving all the requirements of the State of Florida, Travis became a Registered Residential Contractor in 2006. With this new license, he began to see his dream coming to pass. Innovative Home Builders of North Florida, Inc. was born in April of 2006. After meeting additional experience and qualifications, Travis upgraded his license in 2007 to become a Certified Building Contractor.

    Since 2006, Innovative Home Builders has built over 40 homes in the High Springs and surrounding areas. Travis is proud of their involvement in Bailey Estates, Forest Creek, and the reestablishment and propulsion of Ashton Ridge subdivision. On the custom side, Travis has designed and built homes ranging from a 576 square foot cottage to a 6,800 square foot dream home, and everything in between. Travis also offers design-build services, and will personally draw blueprints for the customers he builds for. Besides the satisfaction of watching a home being built from start to finish, Travis also enjoys getting to know their customers and bringing their dreams to reality. At Innovative Home Builders, their customers become friends and their houses become homes. Travis looks forward to meeting new friends and building new homes; he’s blessed to be living his dream while building yours!


    Bailey Estates Custom Homes

    Jack Londono, developer: Jack started developing real estate in the 1970s as a side business and decided to launch into it full time once he saw that he could provide a high-quality home at a reasonable price. Jack has operated Bailey Estates under the premise that adding details that stand out in the marketplace provides tremendous value to the homeowner. He believes that every Bailey Estates home has its own character based on the homeowner’s individual tastes.

    Jerry Lerner, builder: Jerry has extensive experience building homes in the region through Lerner Luxury Homes, Inc. He has learned the right mix of features that most appeal to homebuyers and makes his product stand out in the marketplace. In line with Bailey Estates’ philosophy, the emphasis is on adding the highest quality materials possible at every detail in the home. The difference is clear.

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