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    (fltr, Eric Davis, Jennifer Springfield, John Thomas, Matt Thomas, and Brian Oen)

    “We are a group of dedicated individuals wanting to help every landowner, whether just beginning or commercially active for years, utilize available land to its highest capabilities. With over 30 years of experience in commercial real estate, we have developed valuable connections with local attorneys, project planners, and engineers with the goal of maximizing the landowner’s business results and investments. We have mastered the process on behalf of every landowner.”

    Here at Thomas Group Realty, our realtors base their experience and expertise of landlord representation on a foundation established in careers starting in 1963. Our extensive knowledge of land properties includes understanding the construction opportunities for each lot of land, the necessary building permits, and the size of the projects that could fit on the current property. 

    Our goal at Thomas Group Realty is to help the landowner maximize property value. For example, if we believe that the property worth could increase with larger square footage, then we will initiate conversations with the adjacent neighbors to negotiate a deal that benefits everyone.

    Read our latest press release about the expansion of our Commercial Real Estate Group.

    Commercial Tenant Representation

    “Thomas Group Realty’s team of tenant representation professionals best serve tenants seeking space for their businesses by learning the tenant’s business goals, financial structure, and industry objectives. Devoted to the tenant’s needs and wants, our professionals match the most ideal vacant properties to the tenant’s business. Thomas Group Realty operates on the best practice of showing all available vacancies without bias to the tenant seeking the perfect business property.”

    Land & Property Ownership Representation

    Thomas Group Commercial sales team is dedicated in assisting landowners to determine the best use and value of their properties. Thomas Group Commercial has worked with landowner’s properties are now home to such users as Assisted Living and Nursing homes, Super Walmarts, Hardee’s, Student housing as well as other users. The commercial sales team also has expertise in selling Multi-Family properties, Free Standing Commercial properties, Storage properties, and Warehouse properties.

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