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Transform Your New House into a Home with Paint Color

Color is one of the most important ways that we experience the world around us. From the foods that we eat to our overall mood and emotional state, color has a powerful sway over our lives. Humans even use color names to express feelings, like how we say we feel “blue” or that someone is “green” with envy. It should be no surprise at all to learn that color is an extraordinarily important part of our daily lives and can even alter the choices that we make.

Think about your new house, for example. Did you feel that the warm colors of the living room and the vibrant tones of the kitchen made the home more appealing? Would you have fallen in love with the house you bought if you opened the door to find the living room Pepto Bismol pink or the bedroom covered in wall-to-wall black paint with neon flecks throughout? Unless you were planning to gut the home regardless of the color, it is likely that the tones your new home were painted with made a significant impact on your choice to purchase it in the first place.

Color is so powerful that it can alter our experiences in our homes. Did you know that a blue hue evokes warmth and freshness, but a too-bright or sickly-blue kitchen can make that space an unpleasant place to eat? Scientists point to blue being an unappetizing color, one not found in nature (we know you’re thinking of blueberries right now, but those little guys are actually purple!).

When you move into a new house, even one that you initially fell head-over-heels for, after a few weeks of living around the home’ colors alongside your things, those colors may not seem exactly perfect anymore. For instance, perhaps that bright chili-red wall in your kitchen makes the room feel a bit smaller than it is, or maybe that the shade of blue in your bedroom is a bit too gray-toned for your taste.

That is why it is such a good feeling to begin your new life in a new home with a fresh coat of paint and a few perfectly placed pops of color so that you can feel completely and totally at home.

Kitchens seem to always need an update, and a bright accent wall or two can make a world of difference to liven up the food hub of your home without having to splurge on new cabinets or stainless steel appliances. Just be sure to use complimentary colors to add color variation and create a complete space. Something as simple as a colorful container set on your counter or a colorful framed picture or painting can make the kitchen the nourishing hub of your home it was intended to be. Oranges and reds are kitchen accent favorites and remind us of fresh vegetables and delicious fruits.

The living room is a communal space where we want to throw our feet up and shake off the cares of the day, so make yours as relaxing as possible by bringing in colors that make you feel like you’re surrounded by sunshine and comfort. People add color to living rooms either by throwing it up on the walls or keeping it scattered throughout the space. Choosing muted, neutral tones for your walls allows you to add colorful couches, throw pillows, décor, and rugs that add lots of color to the space. If you prefer a darker, more colorful wall, adding white and light-colored accessories will work perfectly to brighten the room up and make it a comfy retreat.

Bedrooms and bathrooms are places where we seek tranquility and rest, so many homeowners choose to keep the vibrant colors out of those spaces and opt for warm, light colors like greens and lavenders to make those rooms feel peaceful. Soft accents like towels, mats, comforters, and pillows are a great way to add a variety of color to the rooms.

If you have a home office and you like to get the most out of your workday in it, consider painting it blue (the most productive color) or yellow to invigorate your senses and help you feel upbeat about your work. Many find that tinted gray walls help those who need to give their work detailed attention to go about their work in a timely fashion, while bright colors help artists and designers create with positivity.

Whatever colors suit you, be sure to paint and decorate your home with the colors that make you and your family feel your best and make your new house truly feel like home.

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