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Thomas Group Realty and American Forests: Partnering for a Greener Planet

Planting Trees

There is no greater feeling than knowing that you can do so much to help make this planet a better place to live – and often with just the simplest of gestures. As a real estate firm, we admittedly use a lot of paper in daily office lives. Though we are working hard to reduce the amount of waste we produce, like digitizing as many aspects of our job as possible, we knew that there was something more we could do to help care for our planet.

One great organization stood out above the rest.

On this Earth Day, a day in which we all show our support for environmental protection, Thomas Group Realty is honored to announce that we have signed a Small Business Agreement with American Forests!

Thomas Group Realty has chosen to use listing presentations to do some good for the environment. For each listing presentation we print, Thomas Group Realty will be donating 3 trees to American Forests!

For those of you unfamiliar with real estate office materials, one of the most common items our Realtor® team creates daily are listing presentations. A listing presentation, in brief, is a 10+ page document for clients so they can find the right real estate agency to represent them. Like other real estate firms, Thomas Group Realty has to create these listing presentations all the time, and we go through a lot of paper to make each one.

In one week’s time (only 5 business days), Thomas Group Realty has already planted 21 trees with American Forests, and everyone in the office is loving this fantastic way of giving back! We have even placed a whiteboard above the copier where each Realtor® can draw a tree for every listing presentation they print, and we are all excited to watch our homemade forest grow.

American Forests is the oldest conservation organization in the United States, with a history going back more than 140 years. Each year, they plant millions of trees both in every state in the U.S. and in more than 50 countries around the world, providing habitat, restoring forests, and cleaning the Earth’s air supply. American Forests’ success is due in part to combined efforts from conservationist and partnerships alike, and Thomas Group Realty is glad to be a small business that will be working hand-in-hand with American Forests to plant trees and restore our forest ecosystems.

Though we are looking forward to the day when we no longer need to print materials at all for listing presentations, today we are proud to be a part of the efforts to help American Forests plant as many trees as possible.

Thomas Group Realty is excited to begin our journey to becoming the greenest Realtors in Gainesville, and we could think of no better day to celebrate than Earth Day!

Visit the American Forests website for more information about how you can help our forests grow!

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