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The Benefits of Living in Gainesville

Living in Gainesville | Home Life in Gainesville

Gainesville may not be as widely known as other Floridian cities like Orlando, Miami, or Tallahassee, but it still has its own wealth of benefits. In fact, there are plenty of reasons why Gainesville is a much better choice. Regardless of your age or interests, this town has something to offer for everyone. Here’s why we love Gainesville, and why you should admire it as much as we do!

The number one reason Gainesville’s residents enjoy their home so much is because it satisfies one’s desire for a small-town feeling–without jeopardizing the number of amenities. Gainesville is especially unique because it captures the small town atmosphere while being supported (and somewhat dominated) by a massive university. Of the Gainesville population of 132,000, around 52,000 are enrolled at the University of Florida. The University provides an abundance of jobs, and many students stay to advance their careers after graduation. As a result, Gainesville’s population has grown significantly in the past few years. Since the 2010 census, the population has grown by approximately 8,000 people.

Because of the University of Florida’s incredible influence, many local businesses flourish. A plethora of restaurants can appease any craving, and the town has a generous supply of hole-in-the-wall gems. The University also provides incredible forms of entertainment. Visit the Ben Hill Griffin Stadium–better known by Gainesvillians as “the swamp”–a massive football stadium that can hold almost 90,000 people. Or watch one the University’s many basketball, baseball, and volleyball games.

The city’s generally younger population keeps the town vibrant, but that doesn’t mean retirees aren’t welcome. In fact, many retirees choose Gainesville for all the entertainment options. Should you decide you want to pursue an education, Santa Fe College and the University of Florida are at one’s disposal, and offer credits to people of all ages.

Gainesville also accommodates nature-buffs with both indoor and outdoor attractions. Spend a day at the Florida Museum of Natural History, or pop over to the butterfly museum right next door. If you’re itching to get a taste of the outdoors, though, you can explore Paynes Prairie or Devil’s Milhopper–both excellent hotspots for plant and animal life. Further amenities include theatres, shopping centers, parks, planetariums, and more.

As far as transportation, aside from occasional traffic jams and rush hour, Gainesville has a good road system. There are plenty of rolling hills and green woods to keep your drives colorful and comforting. The further west you go, the more rural and pastoral your view becomes. In addition, everything in Gainesville is twenty minutes away (or less). Gainesville’s location in the center of the state makes it perfect for day trips to surrounding areas. Visit Jacksonville’s shopping centers or take on Disney World, both are just two-hour drives away! The city also provides an incredible public transportation system with a free bus system.

Should you decide to live in Gainesville, you’ll find a variety of available homes that fit your every need and want. Gainesville’s charm comes from its residents, and at Thomas Group Realty we’re passionate about enriching that community. If you’re looking to live in Gainesville, or you’re already a resident, contact us! We treat every customer like family, and we’d love to help find your dream home in this incredible town.

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