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Technology in Your Home

Technology continues to dominate every aspect of our lives. From transportation to communication, the digital world has made itself a necessity in day-to-day life. More recently, trends have shifted toward integrating technology into the household. That technology has grown exponentially in its usefulness, making your “smart home” smarter than ever. By saving your home-life time, money, and stress, these technologies are worth checking out!

Say hello to smart kitchens

The fridge may be one of, if not, the most essential appliance in the household kitchen. Innovations of the past decade, however, have introduced countless technological features you would never have expected to be integrated into a fridge.

First and foremost, the newest line of smart fridges on the market prioritize voice commands. Voice commands allow consumers to change the temperature of their refrigerators without lifting a finger. Feel free to activate the ice maker, fix the heat or cold, or mess with countless other settings. Smart fridges are now also capable of being integrated with an Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. Bet you never thought your fridge would need wi-fi! Now you can verbally order food from your fridge, keep your shopping list going, and even ask to prepare your coffee–which transitions to another innovation.

You can have a fridge that makes you coffee. Yes, coffee. With brewers built directly into, what was formerly known as the ice dispenser, refrigerators now make up for more than one kitchen utility. Know which hot beverage you want ahead of time? You can pre-schedule when you want your drink to be ready!

There are plenty of other smart appliances as well, such as intelligent ovens, smart brewers, even smart ice-makers. However, it seems that refrigerators have made the most changes from a technological standpoint.

Stay safe at home

One incredible change introduced by the newest technologies is the advancement of home security. Basic security systems have been around for years, but more recently they’ve been complying with the digital trend. One of the more notable changes is the introduction of interconnectivity with your phone. Out and about? Now you can check the status of your home with a few screen taps. Control your lights, home temperature, and more all from your phone.

Another incredible technological change in home security is smart home security cameras. There are plenty to choose from, like the Amazon Cloud Cam or the Nest Cam, but each achieves the same objective: providing constant visual contact with your home. With motion detection systems, smart cameras will send notifications (or e-mails) to your phone notifying you of movement within the home. Some also have speakers, allowing you to talk or listen to the person in your home (friend or foe).

One last new tech in home security is the smart lock. Smart locks allow you to control your home’s lock from anywhere. If you happened to forget to lock your door on the way out, use your phone! Set a smart lock to unlock when you arrive or lock when you leave automatically. Expecting guests? You can give them digital keys. No more worrying about your house guests accidentally stealing your physical keys. Amazon has also recently introduced a new smart lock so that delivery drivers can place your orders inside your home–protecting your packages from any grabby neighbors.

General Utility or Recreational Home Technologies

Smart home devices like Amazon Alexa or Google Home continue to soar in popularity. While these may seem obvious for general household technologies, they continue to drive the home technology industry–forcing other new devices to be built around them.

One such device built around Amazon Alexa is the Lutron lighting kits. These lighting tools allow you to brighten or dim your lights at the tap of a button or with a simple voice command. Try out different colors in your home, or keep them rotating for the perfect party atmosphere.

Make use of your security cameras or try out specifically designed pet cameras. Using the same motion detection technology, these pet cameras sync perfectly with your other home technologies. Like the security cameras, you can make sure your pet is okay any time of day. Use the speaker systems to calm them down potentially, or communicate with your dogsitter!

Overall, there is an abundance of new home technologies to make your life easier. Keeping your home up-to-date with all the latest tech innovations can be just what you need to make sure your home is always safe, efficient, and fun. Fully embrace the technology of the 21st century and find out which new technology you need the most!

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