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Smart Homes –Residential Real Estate’s New Frontier

Smart homes, houses equipped with interactive technology, are already making their way into the Gainesville area residential real estate market. No, these are not the silly homes we remember from the 90s movie “Smart House,” these homes feature interactive technology that allows a homeowner to control features like lighting, video, music, home security and more through a smartphone app. Neat!

Meet the Smart Homes of Bailey Estates in High Springs, FL. These unique craftsman style homes feature open floor plans with all the bells and whistles, plus an impressive technology package with a surprisingly low price tag ranging through the low and mid 200s.

All Bailey Estates homes are built to the highest standards of energy economy; everything from the windows and doors to the roof shingles is especially selected to maximize efficiency. The builder offers “move-in” ready homes and “custom-built” homes with standard packages available for purchase with customizations like wall colors, exterior color, kitchen appliances and more, so you can really design your own dream home.

In recent years, technology advancements have made smartphones have the power of laptops, cars have the technology to interact with people and devices, and now its time to take that technology to your home. Forgot to lock the door? There’s an app for that. On your way home after a hot day in the Florida sun? Turn the air up from your phone so your home is nice and cool when you arrive.

Knowing that your home is safe with camera monitoring and security alarm control from your smartphone can be such a relief when you’re on the go. Smart Homes are making a big splash nationwide and will soon become a must-have amenity for all homeowners. Step onto the future and tour a home at Bailey Estates today, call Lacy Fillyaw (352) 316-2851 to schedule an appointment.

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