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Property Appraiser Tax Assessment 101

In August, homeowners in Alachua County were mailed their (TRIM – Truth in Mileage) property tax assessment breakdowns from the Property Appraisers Office.

The notice tells homeowners the taxable value of their property (taxable value = approximate market value as well as any exemptions on the property).

The notice homeowners received not only shows a breakdown of 2014 taxes and exemptions, but it also gives information on proposed 2015 taxes, showing both a breakdown if they change or if they stay the same.

Homeowners have until September 8, 2015 to call and/or fill out a petition contesting their taxes if they believe there has been a mistake or that their home assessment should be adjusted. For more information on filing a petition, head to the Alachua County Property Appraisers website. There may be a $15 fee if you take your case to court.

Not sure how to evaluate your taxes? Your best bet is to talk to a representative at the Property Appraisers Office, but you can also do some research on your own using their website. You can use your home address or neighborhood name to compare same-sized homes that sold around the same time and the same price range and compare their assessment to yours.

Most importantly, check your homestead exemptions, they may not be accurately reflected in your assessment. If you have yet to file for a homestead exemption, do it now, before another tax review in November.

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