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Post Holiday Season: A Recycling Guide

The holiday season is winding down, and we are getting ready to begin 2017, but first, what to do with all the holiday season stuff that you won’t be reusing next year? Check out our holiday season recycling guide below:

If you live in the Gainesville area where waste management offers curbside pick-up, you can leave your tree on the curb. Please note that pick-up is only in the first few weeks after the holiday season, and includes live trees, under 6ft. tall only. Make sure you have the tree completely clean from ornaments and tinsel or it cannot be recycled.

If you do not live in an area where curbside pick-up is available, you can always take your tree to the Alachua County Rural Collection Center, find the closest one to you here.

If you have an artificial tree, you may call the waste collection office and see if you can arrange to have it picked up, the number is 352-334-2330. You can also take your tree to the Leveda Brown Transfer Station for disposal located at 5115 NE 63rd Avenue, just off Waldo Road.

You can recycle lights at the Alachua Country Public Works Center on 405 NW 39th Avenue. Have you thought about recycling them for home projects also? String lights can bring ambiance to any space, or can be used in small bathrooms as vanity lights.

Wrapping Paper
Tissue and non-metallic or non-glitter wrapping paper can be recycled in your regular recycle bin. Metallic and glitter paper is non-recyclable, but you can use it to make all sorts of crafts, check out this Pinterest page.

Ornaments are non-recyclable in Alachua County.

Leftover Boxes & Unwanted Presents
2017 is all about starting new and refreshed. The first few weeks are a great time to purge of household items or personal items that you do not want or need anymore. Use the leftover boxes from your holiday gifts to put items for donation to the local Goodwill store. Or, you can make a fort in the backyard with the kids!

We hope you all had a wonderful holiday season, and we wish you a happy 2017!

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