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Moving? Here’s How to Change Your Address

The nitty gritty of moving involves many details, not only the back ache of moving the boxes and furniture into your new home but also the migraine of remembering to update everyone and every service with your new address. Don’t wait until a bill doesn’t arrive at your new home before you make time to tackle a change of address.

Many address changes can be done online through the company’s website, taking the hassle out the process. Of course, credit card bills offer the choice to change a mailing address on the back of the letter. Calling is also an option to update home address information.

However, there are some important steps to mastering the address change and setting up a forwarding address and informing your employer.

Set up a forwarding address

To ease the stress of catching every address change before or after the move, set up a forwarding address with your Post Office. The forwarding address ensures that mail will continue to get to the new home even if you’ve forgotten to inform a business or service of the new address. This can be a lifesaver.

Inform your employer

Be sure that your employer has the new address so that paychecks and tax forms arrive at the right address. Nothing could be more frustrating than not receiving hard earned money while dealing with the expenses of moving. Even if pay comes through direct transfer, update your employer with your new address.

Businesses that Need the Address Change before the Move

Some companies need to have the new address before the move has been completed to help make the transition between houses easier. In some cases, when the move is a small one, utilities can be switched right over. Of course, depending on the location of the new home, a new company may be in charge of certain services.

Home Services

Telephone/Cell phone
Lawn Service
Cleaning Service
Pest control
Home Security
Sewer (depending on location)
Trash (depending on location)

Services that Need the Address Change after the Move

Once the essential boxes have been unpacked, it’s time to finish updating contact information. Forwarded mail from the old address will help reveal what companies or businesses have not been informed yet. Meanwhile, the following is a list of services, agencies, and communities that will need the new address as well.

Government Agencies

Department of Federal Affairs
U.S. Customs and Immigration Services
Voter Registration Office
Internal Revenue Service
Department of Motor Vehicles
Social Security Administration


Credit Card Companies
Credit Reporting Agencies
Insurance (life, health, home, car, etc.)
Investment brokers


Friends and Family
Professional Associations
Licensing/Certification Boards

Announcing A New Address to Friends and Family

With the keys of the new house in the pocket, it might be time to announce the new address to friends and family. Naturally, technology helps make this so much easier. A simple image created on a platform like Canva with a photo of the new home with the typed address can be attached to an email or shared on Facebook. Or, the address change can be shared through the time tested and traditional stamped and addressed mail.

May all your mail arrive at the new address!


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