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Keeping Unwanted Pests Out of Your Home

keeping pests out of home

Spring and summer bring us a lot of things to be thankful for – birds singing in the trees, cool breezes, and lots of outdoor fun. One of the things that spring and summer bring that we can all do without is the deluge of bugs, flies, and other creepy crawlies that the warm weather draws from their nests.

From the sudden appearance of ants all around your backyard and crawling up and down the trees on your property to the little buzzing mosquitos and other tiny winged pests who seem to inevitably find their way into your home, there is, unfortunately, no shortage of bugs who want to make your beautiful house their new home.

So, what can you do to keep these unwanted houseguests out? The good news is that there are some pretty easy ways to keep these critters from invading your home. With a few simple home maintenance routines and inspection techniques, you can enjoy the gorgeous seasonal weather instead of covering yourself in bug spray just to hang out in your own backyard.

Inspect Your Home

One of the quickest ways to keep pests out of your home is to seal up all the cracks and small entryways that look like a welcome mat to bugs. To get all of the necessary cracks sealed, you first have to inspect your home’s foundation wall and exterior walls. Inspect your window frames, your roofline, and your fixtures for and unwanted spaces.

These walls make excellent pathways for ants, roaches, and other bugs, so the best plan of action is to look for any cracks, gaps, and areas of rot in your foundation and exterior walls and fill them with caulk or liquid cement (as appropriate).

Keep Trees Trimmed

Whether you have trees that have been around for a hundred years or freshly-planted shrubs, keeping them trimmed and well-maintained will help to beat back the tide of invaders, including squirrels. Having shrubs or trees growing too close to your walls can create the ideal environment for bugs (and more commonly mosquitos) to breed in – warm, shaded, damp, and full of leaf debris.

Get Your Gutters Under Control

In a seemingly endless cascade, newly blooming trees are dousing your house and property with petals, leaves, pods, and pollen. So much of this natural foliage makes its way into your gutters, not only clogging it but creating ideal breeding grounds for lots of insects.

No less than once a month, flush and clear all the gutters around your home to ensure that you are eliminating any insects from making your gutters their new favorite hangout. This is especially crucial during the springtime when falling leaves create heavy buildup in gutters.

Don’t Feed the Bugs

We all love to have a few select animals in and around our homes, like our best furry friends and delightful birds who sing us awake in the morning. Sadly, those animals are not aware of how their food attracts other, less savory critters, but you certainly are.

Insects are attracted to any food source they can get their mandibles on, so keep a clean feeding routine with your animals. Store animal foods in cool, dry, and sealable containers instead of out in their respective bags, keep a feeding routine that means food is out only during meal times, and sweep up any food bits that hit the ground, including food from outdoor feeders.

If your pooch or cat have an outdoor water bowl that is kept full, that water is bound to attract lots of insects who want a drink – or a great place to lay their eggs. Consider adding hygienic water spouts for your pets, like the doggie water fountains that are paw-operated or lickable spout attachments that let your pooch or cat drink to their heart’s content without wasting a drop of water or creating a breeding bowl for mosquito larvae.

Invest in Protection

A seasonal pest protection plan with a local pest control agency is a great way to make sure that your home what it needs to defend itself from all types of bugs, and they can even help with other types of unwanted pests, like mice and dangerous spiders.

Quarterly pest control options are affordable, reliable, and will give you peace of mind and confidence in knowing that your home is safe from unwanted bugs and critters.

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