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In Need of Design Inspiration? Try These 6 Places

Moving to a new house is a bit of a chore, especially when it comes to packing everything up and getting it all unpacked again in your new home. One of the great things about moving is that you get to see all of your furniture and décor in a new space. Of course, this is also the time when people get swept up in redesigning their homes. And why not? A fresh start in a new home calls for a fresh design!

Once the design bug hits, it can be hard to get over it. Many people opt for a new piece or two to change up a room, but others need to revamp everything and only keep one or two old pieces instead. If you’re the kind of person who dives head-first into a redesign, you’re going to want to gather up all the design inspiration you can so you can get planning.

Design inspiration can come from anywhere, but there are some excellent places that you can count on to fill your inner inspiration board with the perfect pieces, styles, patterns, and fabrics to create the space of your dreams in your new house.

Ready to start your inspiration search? Try these spots!

Antique Stores

Some designers see an image of a completely decked-out space and know they want to replicate it exactly the same. For others, big design inspiration comes in a small package. That’s why antique stores are a must for anyone looking for a flash of creativity.

A search through an antique store or two will yield serious results. Most antique stores carry everything from furniture to knick-knacks and beyond, and it only takes one item to inspire great design. Even if you leave without buying nothing at all, you will undoubtedly walk out with one (or ten!) really great design ideas.

Art Books

Head on over to your local library or used bookstore and start flipping through the pages of all the art books and magazines you come across. Whether they are books about architecture, paintings, or photography, getting into the art experience will leave you brimming with artistic creativity.

Vintage Shops

Sometimes it helps to examine items from another period so you can get a sense of how tastes change – and how they stay the same too. Finding a decade, an era or an artistic movement that speaks to you can break down the blank design pages in your mind and free your inner interior decorator.


There are thousands of websites dedicated to home design inspiration, but there are only a handful that are truly worth spending hours clicking through. Our favorites include:

Trust us, there is more than enough amazing home design inspiration to be found on these websites!


It’s impossible to overlook the power and simplicity of Pinterest when revamping your home design. There are literally millions of images to search through that can make the process of designing a home a whole lot easier. We recommend making yourself some organized home design boards to keep your ideas in order including a full room board, a color board, a period/style board, and an individual item board. As you gather these items, add additional boards that put these items together so you can see how they (virtually) play against each other in a room.

Your Design Muse

Do you have a friend or a family member whose style you envy? Get in touch and ask them for their tips on design and, more specifically, where they draw their inspiration from. Was there a single item that helped focus the design of their room? A color that they can’t get enough of? Talk to your friend and discover what makes their design feathers fly.

Even if you don’t necessarily get their inspiration tips, you can certainly take the time to appreciate what you like about their space and discover how you can apply it to your own.


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