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How to Keep Pests off your Porch and Patio

It’s finally summertime, meaning longer days and more summertime get-togethers. The warmer weather makes summer the perfect season to enjoy your outdoor porches and patios. However, nothing ruins a good barbeque like unwanted bugs. The dog days and summer heat can bring out pesky mosquitos, flies, and other treacherous insects.

Here are a few ways you can avoid swatting your way through the summer and keep your patio pest-free.

1. Keep your Patio Clean

Leaving out food and drinks is the perfect lure for all kinds of bugs. Forgotten food and spilled sticky drinks can attract colonies of ants or swarms of flies. Ensuring your patio is food-free is the best first step to keeping the bugs away.

2. Purchase a Fan

Fans aren’t exclusively a great way to stay cool in Florida’s heat, they can be great fly and mosquito repellants too! Either get a pole fan or elevate a box fan. If you don’t have one already, you could go all the way and install a mounted fan in your outdoor lounging area.

3. Make Traps

There are countless insect traps ideas, recipes, and DIY’s online. There are Vinegar and Wine based traps, sugar water traps, and milk or sugar traps. Each one has a different effect depending on the type of insect plaguing your outdoor living area. Vinegar and Wine traps, for example, can be more effective at luring gnats and fruit flies, while sugar water entices mosquitos.

4. Replace your Lighting

Bright white lights can be beacons for bugs. By replacing these lights with yellowish sodium-vapor lamps, the light will be less attractive to nearby flies.

5. Use Citronella and Smoke

Citronella plants carry a unique scent, some say resembling that of lemons, that can deter mosquitoes. Growing citronella plants is an effective and environmentally conscious solution. Requiring a bit less effort, you could also get some citronella candles and watch the flies disappear. These candles are also a great way to light up your summer evenings!

Smoke is a great way to keep mosquitoes and flies away. If you plan on using a fire pit, adding sage to a fire can strengthen the smoke as a repellant. This method works miraculously with mosquitoes and is a nice substitute for chemical repellants.

6. Get a Fly Zapper

If you want to take the fight to them or have a morbid fascination with seeing insects being zapped, get a fly zapper! Both indoor and outdoor versions are available, an each makes quick work of flies with a quick shock.

7. Spray Essential Oils

Many essential oils make excellent natural insect repellants. Use them as a spray in the infested areas, or use a diffuser. According to one source, some of the best essential oils include clove, thyme, lavender, and lemongrass. Peppermint oil is also a great way to solve a spider problem.

To prevent insects from entering your house, it’s recommended that you use an insecticide, or call a professional. Using these tips, your patio parties are sure to beat the bugs.

Want a better patio for your summer parties and get-togethers? Browse our website or contact us at (352)-226-8228 to see if we can help find your dream home!


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