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11 Things to Do at Home before Summer

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Summer – and all the fun that comes with it – is just around the corner. For the most part, this is amazing news. After all, who doesn’t love outdoor fun and games and a few extra hours of sunshine? That said, the fact that summer is coming up fast does mean you’ll want to squeeze in a few last minute things before it’s officially begun.

To get ready for summer, make an effort to accomplish these 11 tasks around the house. By doing so, you’ll ensure you’re well prepared and won’t have your summer fun tainted by springtime regrets.

#1: Do Your Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning should be done in the spring. Nobody wants to stop long enough to get any deep cleaning done during the summer, and everyone who puts it off will end up with a pretty messy home by the time fall rolls around.

Getting in a good, deep clean now will ensure your home stays smelling good, feeling fresh, and fully prepared for the summer season.

#2: Check Your A/C

Air conditioning is an important part of staying comfortable when summer temperatures soar. Therefore, you should give your A/C a checkup before it’s officially needed. If you haven’t already this year, turn it on and make sure it’s working properly. Clean the unit and change the filters to ensure that it can pull in fresh air and it won’t freeze up on you.

Catching any problems now will save you from (literally) sweating them later.

#3: Switch the Fans

Did you know ceiling fans should spin in a different direction based on the season? That’s right: In winter, all ceiling fans should be set to spin clockwise in order to send warm air down to occupants. In summer, however, all fans should rotate counter-clockwise, creating a lovely breeze.

The direction of a fan can be changed via that small black switch you’ve always wondered about on the base of your fan.

#4: Finish Off Your Winter Foods

There’s something off-putting about hot soup in the summer. It just isn’t appetizing and isn’t likely to be eaten willingly. We highly recommend eating or donating all the “cold-weather” foods in your kitchen, making room for summer foods in the fridge and pantry. After all, you’re going to need that extra space for watermelons and popsicles!

#5: Start Saving Money

If you’re like the vast majority of people, you’re probably planning to take a summer vacation. Warm days on the beach, nights spent camping under the stars, and hotel pools are all quintessential parts of summer and should be enjoyed every year.

That said, these things cost money. If you plan to take a vacation or two, make a point to sit down at the kitchen table, crunch some numbers, and make a budget so you can start saving for your dream getaway.

#6: Prevent Leaks

Summer can bring in some nasty storms. Keep all that rain outside by doing a bit of maintenance at the beginning of the season.

  • Clean out all gutters, making sure rain can drain through them properly.
  • Check all caulking around the house for holes or damage and repair any you find.
  • Inspect the ceiling for potential water damage and call in a roofer to make repairs if necessary.

These simple chores could save you tons of time and money down the road.

#7: Put Away Coats and Blankets

Now that the warm spring weather is here and with summer heat being only weeks away, you won’t need your winter gear for a while. Take a moment to put away your heavy coats, hats, and scarves. Additionally, you may want to stash extra blankets and heavy down comforters.

This will give you extra room in your closets and entryway, making your space feel bigger and less cluttered.

#8: Pull Out the Summer Clothes

Of course, some of that newfound closet space will be filled with your summer wardrobe. If they aren’t already out, be sure to pull your shorts, t-shirts, and other lightweight summer items out of storage. Give them a quick run through the washer so they’re ready to wear when the heat arrives.

#9: Get Ready for Celebrating

A good backyard BBQ is the ideal way to celebrate summer. Whether you plan to cook out on a deck, patio or in the yard, you’ll need to prepare your space before grilling time comes around.

Sweep the area, scrub the grill, wash off any tables, and generally spruce up the place. If you have a pool, run through heavier seasonal maintenance checks to ensure you’re in ship-shape.

#10: Fix Up the Yard

Whether you plan to plant a vegetable garden, want flowers in front of your house, or just want to trim the bushes and pull the weeds, now is the time to get those things done before the super hot weather hits. Get outside and create the yard of your dreams, then prepare to bask in the beauty of your little oasis while sipping lemonade in the hot June sun.

#11: Keep Bugs at Bay

Unfortunately, summer tends to bring all the bugs out of hiding. Because you don’t want those little critters in your home, it’s important to take some precautions.

Begin by inspecting the outside of your home for any holes or cracks that could invite insects inside and fill those imperfections in with caulk. When you’re done with that, treat the exterior of your home with a pesticide to discourage bugs from entering. If you’re concerned about something you find while inspecting, call a professional extermination service to check your home as well.


Doing these chores now will mean plenty of time for fun in the sun this summer, and could even prevent some costly issues from coming up. It will be here before you know it!


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