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Garage Organization to Simplify Your Life

Sometimes the garage can languish in clutter and dirt, a type of house-sized catch-all drawer. Don’t overlook that precious garage space, even if you are rarely in the garage. A few organizational hacks will keep the garage tidy and use the space better for years to come.

Hang a Pegboard

A strategically placed peg board on a garage wall offers the perfect space to hang gardening tools, gloves, and any other often used item. Hook a small bucket onto the pegboard to hold nails or screws, use a nail or hooks to hang paintbrushes and hammers. Clumsy cords can also be looped over hooks to hang on the peg board where they will be out of the way.

Build Deep Shelves for Storage Containers

Deep shelving units can be the ideal place to keep storage containers filled with seasonal items or larger items that don’t get daily use like as helmets and sports equipment. Place camping equipment and other outdoor items into storage bins and shelve them for easy access. The internet offers a number of DIY options for building your own garage shelving units, but you don’t have to be a weekend carpenter to pull it off. Plenty of stores carry custom or pre-built garage shelving that will suit your home needs.

Hang Jars Under Shelves

On wooden shelves, mason jar lids can be nailed or screwed into the underside of the shelves. Fill the jar with nails, screws, washers, or any small item. The jar can then screw onto the lid, effectively organizing a messy collection of easily misplaced pieces. Best of all, you’ll be able to see exactly what you’re looking for without the hassle of opening unnecessary boxes and storage containers to find the right screws or bolts.

Organize with PVC Pipes

Cut PVC pipes into short cylinders (about 6 inches) and screw them to the wall, placing one PVC pipe section at hip level and another PVC pipe section right under the first about 6 inches from the garage floor. Line up as many as needed, and fill with shovels, brooms, and other long-handled tools. These items can slip into these PVC pipe holders easily and they will be out of the way of your garage and car.

Build Cabinets Between Garage Wall Studs

Cabinets built into the garage wall creates extra storage space and helps the garage to be clutter-free. These cabinets can be used for sets of tools, fishing rods, or outdoor clothing storage. Extra storage is extra storage!

Simulate Store Ball Storage

A few pieces of wood and some bungee cords create the perfect place to store basketballs, dodge balls, and soccer balls. Build two squares of wood and place one over the other with a few feet in between to attach to the wall. String the bungee cords between the two wood blocks and insert the balls behind the bungee cords to be held against the wall.

Build Recycling Bin Holders

With a few strips of wood, it’s pretty easy to create recycling bin holders that are attached to the garage wall. Better yet, place these bin holders near the door to the house to make it easy to toss recyclables into the correct bins. The recycling bin holders keepthe recycling bins off the floor and can keep unwanted pests out of your garage too.

Label Everything

What’s the point of all this organization if you can’t find anything when you need it? To avoid the hassle, as you box and store your items in the garage, affix a label that identifies what types of items are in the boxes. This is especially helpful when the garage is filled with an army of storage containers. Take the extra time to label cabinets, storage bins, and other opaque storage areas. You’ll thank yourself later.


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