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Setting Family Goals for the New Year

family goals


The new year is always an exciting time – it’s an opportunity to begin anew and set meaningful goals.

It’s incredibly common for us to set our own individual goals but often, less attention is given to setting goals as a family.

At Thomas Group Realty, we’re passionate about working with families to help them find the perfect home. Part of establishing a happy home is creating goals for your family.

Here are 5 resolutions to set for your family this year.

1. Track your goals visually.

The old rules for setting goals still apply here. Start out by ensuring you’re setting SMART goals: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Time-Bound. Perhaps the most important thing here is to be specific – if your plans are loose, you’ll be less likely to make an effort to reach them or remain consistent.

Grab a calendar – it doesn’t have to be fancy – and place it somewhere that everyone can see. Put your family plans on the calendar so they don’t get forgotten or missed.

If you have little ones, they’ll love helping keep everyone honest and on-task. This alone is a great way to get everyone in the family involved.

Not only will this ensure everyone gets and stays involved but it will help reinforce your goals. Writing things down gives them more meaning and you’ll be more likely to work toward your intentions.

2. Plan regular family activities and outings.

Plan at least one monthly family activity every month. If you’ve got the time and budget for more, strive for more. Add these to your calendar and, most importantly, stick to the planned date.

Not every activity has to be costly. Follow local museums, the library, and other organizations on social media to stay informed about hosted activities that are free or inexpensive. Keep in mind that trips to the park, family walks through the neighborhood, watching movies at home, and playing games are all things you can do without spending much at all.

If something comes up and Family Day has to be moved, don’t put it off too far. Beware of putting off activities too many times, though: The more you push something out, the less likely it is to take place. Sometimes these things can’t be helped but do your best to avoid rescheduling a plan more than once.

3. Volunteer.

What better way to teach your children to be thankful for the abundance and comforts they have than to show them firsthand? Volunteering gives you a unique opportunity to teach your kids how to give back to their community and to help others.

4. Eat together.

With after-school programs, two working parents, kids enrolled in sports, music lessons, and everything else your family has going on, sharing a meal together at home can be a real challenge.

Resolve to have at least 2-4 meals together at your dinner table as a family every month. The older your children get, the harder it becomes to achieve this feat. Treasure these moments while you have them.

5. Protect “kid-free” time as a parent.

Being a parent is a tough job and whether you’re a single parent or part of a team, having some “kid-free” time is a must.

It can be tough to do when you’re on a tight budget or when your schedule is packed to the seams, but you’ll thank yourself for making some time to be alone and to do something just for you. They may not know it, but your kids will thank you, too.


Don’t let the year slip by without setting a few goals for your family. Take a little time to work together and make a plan. It will certainly shape up to be a year to remember!


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