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Back to School: Agents’ Favorite School Snacks

The first week of school has us reminiscing about our school days: old friends, team sports, the dreaded school dances and, well, some of the best moments from childhood.

For me (Viki here), one of the best things about school will always be the snacks! I must have eaten at least 100 pounds of Goldfish, my favorite snack, while I was in school. Also, strawberries – my favorite after school fruit snack is still my favorite lunchbox snack today.

Here are some of our agent’s favorite schooldays snacks:

Matt – Lunchables – There is something really fun about making a tiny pizza for lunch.

Bilinda – Fritos and Dill Pickles – A southern favorite!

John – Salted Peanuts in a Glass Bottle of Coke – This one is unique to John, we still can’t figure out why the peanuts were dipped in Coke and not just side-by-side.

Lore – Peanut Butter and Honey – What’s not to love here?

Mona – Moon Pie and RC Cola – Remember Moon Pies, friends? Delicious!

Lacy – Cheetos Sandwich – This combo may seem difficult to eat, but a true master like Lacy never leaves a mess.

DJ – Gushers – Chewy and gooey, eating Gushers could only be done one of two ways, chewed whole or gooey center first: Which team were you on?

Tell us your favorite schooldays snacks on Twitter, we’d love to hear from you! @TGRealty #MyFavoriteSchoolSnack

Also, head to Pinterest for more snack and lunchbox ideas!

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