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4 Tips For Leading A Team During COVID-19

Insights from Leah, our Director of Operations

At Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Thomas Group, I oversee a broad, yet close- knit group of individuals from all walks of life.  When COVID-19 hit, I knew that as a leader, I needed to figure out the best possible way to communicate to our team in an effective manner and speak to their strengths.  My number one goal was to help them get small “wins” when it didn’t feel like a winning season.  

One thing I learned quickly was that communication was key. When you go from working in the same office everyday to not seeing another individual for weeks at a time, it can become quite isolating. As a marketing team, we have been adamant about finding and using tools to help with our collaboration.  We felt it was important to keep our creativity flowing during this time 

Here are a few tools that have set us up for success:

Trello: Our team worked on trello (a collaborative project management system) very loosely prior to Covid-19, but we found that this was the best way to divide and conquer during this time.  We worked together on press releases, email communication, updating documents for our agents safety, and many other smaller tasks.

Zoom: This platform has been imperative to our business. It is so important to be able to connect with your team face to face during this time. We host daily meetings for our agents and weekly leadership meetings for our team.  Another fun thing we have implemented is virtual happy hours and games.

Group Texts + Email Threads: Very rarely will you log in to your inbox and not see an email from our team.  This is just another way that we stay involved and keep communication flowing. 

Quick and Open Feedback:  When you work in an office environment it’s easy to pivot and ask your colleagues for advice, input and validation. The challenge from working from home is that you no longer have the ability to do that. During these times, we have had to put our ego aside and accept feedback with open arms and as quickly as possible.  This allows our team to finish tasks in an efficient manner and keep evolving daily.

As a final note, I feel like our team has adapted well to the shelter in place.  They have shown a great amount of leadership and accountability.  They are experiencing the same fears and trials that everyone else is, and as a leader I have to be very mindful of that. I am very proud of the new systems that we have implemented and most importantly, the team that has made all of this possible.

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