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Monthly Archives: December 2019

    Alachua County Market Report from October 2019

    By bt-107451 | December 5, 2019

    When Florida Realtors releases its report each month, the real estate statistics offer realtors and industry experts an overview of the past month and the last 5 years. For Better Homes and Gardens Thomas Group Realty, this information can be crucial for determining the best times for clients to buy or sell their home. Florida... Read More

    The Top Myths in Real Estate

    By bt-107451 | December 1, 2019

    Real estate is plagued by a number of myths. These real estate myths trouble buyers and sellers alike because they make decisions based on these untrue beliefs. Check your beliefs about real estate against these common myths that people believe about the realty industry. Myth: Perfect Credit is a Home Buying Requirement While good credit... Read More