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2017’s Most Popular Kitchen Trends

2017 Kitchen Trends
2017 Kitchen Trends

The kitchen is the heart of the home. When the family needs to converge, more often than not, the kitchen is where everyone naturally migrates. From family dinners to after school homework sessions, party hosting to playing Apples to Apples with your kids, the kitchen is one of the most social rooms in your home, and that’s what makes it such an important focus for homeowners.

A kitchen remodel is an important decision that will not only create a space that your fits with the flow and style of your home, but it is also a design choice that should add value to your property rather than weakening it.

There are many trends that come and go throughout the life of your home, but a kitchen renovation should be timeless and modern all at the same time. While small adjustments are recommended each year to keep the space contemporary, these designer-inspired kitchen trends for 2017 will transform the heart of your home into a high-value space with decades of staying power.

Natural Stone Counters

Countertop upgrades are the primary focus of 2017 kitchen upgrades. When choosing new countertops, say goodbye to laminate and hello to natural stone counters. Though the price of natural stone counters had previously been a luxury indulgence, the price on the natural stone has dropped significantly with the rise of composite surfaces. Quartz, in particular, is rapidly becoming the natural kitchen and bathroom counter surface of choice since 2016, beating out traditional granite by a mile.

Paint it White

This classic kitchen color is never going out of style! The all-white kitchen, however, is not where you want to go in 2017. White is leading the kitchen color trend, but designers caution kitchen renovators to stick to one or two white surfaces instead of covering the kitchen in white. White tile floor and a white backsplash will add lots of light and gloss to your kitchen, but so will white cabinets, which the National Kitchen and Bathroom Association say has seen a 20% climb in 2016. No matter how you choose to add that bright white to your kitchen space, remember to leave room for other textures, colors, tones, and materials for the white to play off of.

Heavy Metal

Remember your grandmother’s copper pots and ornamental baking tins? That industrial look has made a welcomed return to kitchens everywhere this year, and designers are recommending a metal addition to your kitchen renovation. An exposed metal range hood, polished nickel and chrome hardware, and a dark metal-clad rolling kitchen island will add those industrial accents to your kitchen and give your kitchen some contrast.

Upgraded Storage

With a trend of clean and bare countertops hitting the scene, it should be no surprise that modern kitchens will need to be more adept at storage for all those small appliances and common counter cluttering items. To accommodate this, invest in deep drawers, custom pantries, and high-end storage solutions like bins and boxes that are movable and interchangeable to keep your spaces neat and functional.

Invest in Technology

Smart kitchens have been on the rise over the past few years, and that will grow stronger as technology becomes more integrated into our everyday lives. From Wi-Fi-enabled coffee makers to refrigerators that text your phone when you’re low on kitchen essentials, Bluetooth integration is key to a modern kitchen. Look for everything from hidden charging stations built into countertops to microwaves that speak directly to your stove to time your dinner perfectly in 2017 and beyond.

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