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Monthly Archives: April 2017

    Thomas Group Realty and American Forests: Partnering for a Greener Planet

    By bt-107451 | April 21, 2017

    There is no greater feeling than knowing that you can do so much to help make this planet a better place to live – and often with just the simplest of gestures. As a real estate firm, we admittedly use a lot of paper in daily office lives. Though we are working hard to reduce... Read More

    5 Tips and Tricks That Will Help You Master Your Move

    By bt-107451 | April 8, 2017

    You signed on your new home, and congratulations are in order! After the ink dries and your paperwork, your brain immediately begins to focus on best part of buying a new home – moving in! It is so exciting to imagine your things in fresh, new spaces that you simply cannot wait to start boxing... Read More